Aarin Wilson

About me

Aarin R. Wilson is a drawing and print media artist from Philadelphia, PA, who is a senior at The University of The Arts. She explores the interest of media and color in expression of emotion, commonly emphasized with her prints and mark on paper. She is influenced by artists such as David Shrigley, with use of text and free floating imagery, and Geloy Concepcion, a photography emphasized artist who reworks old family imagery to embellish emotions with text and censorship of identities for deepend meanings. These artists have common themes that motivate her to do the same story telling through works embodying life experiences and conceptualized struggles heavily affected by family and illness. Wilson has received The Dean's Award for artistic merit and an Academic Achievement award from her university and nominations for competitive artist residencies such as Yale Norfolk School of Art in December of 2021. Furthermore, in May of 2021, Aarin Wilson exhibited imagery in the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery for the “We Are School of Art '' project, projected to the public on Broad street, additionally in the same year, Wilson received publication from the Underground Pool magazine for her print “Lantern Garden” in the spring 2021 issue. Many of Wilson’s art has additionally been selected by staff at the university to hang in display cases around the Anderson building between the years of 2019 to present day. She has also been commissioned to design local band albums/posters/and merchandise outside of her education, including participation at art sales around philadelphia with much success. Aarin plans to further her artistry with experimentation of media, and artistic presence in the community. Her intentions are to widen her achievements in gallery exhibitions and publications, achieving a memorable and successful name for herself and the art she produces.

My artwork is a collection of romanticized sadness, bringing appealing imagery as the front runner of personalized hardships. With honesty, my work is selfish, it's made for me but to be shared with others. My art is how I reach out about my woes and see if there's a bite of connection or relevancy to my audience. My life experiences were consistently hard at a young age and plentiful nonetheless. Using my drawings and prints to cope, from the idea, to the making, the works are a physical embodiment of acceptance and understanding, and it seems it helps others do the same. A common theme of imagery I use are remembered still lifes that have had an impact, like a snapshot of a moment that pesters me till it’s placed on a page, having me question my fixation on the subject and what was truly joining on when I captured the moment. like purged memories in a childlike way, my imagery is embellished with eye catching colors and easily defined lines, encapsulating many pathways to a bigger story.

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